Model: PGNK 1250×4000
Plate size allowed: 1250×4000mm
Thickness allowed: 0.4~5mm
Cutting speed: 80m/min

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Main Character

1. In China, the first V-grooving machine is made by us. More than 80% buyer in China will choose us because of the quality and experience.


2. Excellent quality parts from Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and USA. That‘s why our machine is more stable and longer life.


3. Special making and installing technology to make sure our machine is with higher accuracy and the accuracy won’t change in 5-10 years.


4. Some cheaper machine CNC system is not real one, it’s cheap and unstable. But ours is Taiwan top quality large touch screen CNC system.


5. The base and the beam of the machine are frame structure. The entire rigidity is quite good and there is small degree of deformation.


6. The base is fixed. The bevel wheel and the spline drive for the beam to move. The speed of moving can be adjusted with altering frequency. The process of cutting is stable and efficient and the surface cut is even and smooth.


7. The X axis is for digital display. The Y1 Y2 and Z axes are for digital control with high accuracy of location and large range of processing.


8. There are side pressing and end pressing devices on the machine, both of which use hydraulic pressure to tighten. The force of tightening is adjustable and reliable.


9. The hydraulic system has one more energy storage compensation function. The motor works at Interval so the energy is saved and the oil temperature is controlled.


10. The machine can self-dig. After long time of operation, if the surface of the machine is uneven or has flaws the self-digging function can be utilized and the machine will start as a new one.