CNC Torsion Bar Synchro Press Brakes HLN-1040W

Model: HLN1040W 

Pressing Force: 1000Kn=100t

Working width: 4000mm

Net Weight: 8200kg

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Product character

1)      Holistic welding structure treated by annealing.


2)      DA41 controls position of bottom dead center of ram(Y axis)and forward-backward movement of back gauge(X axis), ESA S525 is optional.


3)      Double crowning mechanism:

upper rapid clamping fixture, which has both quick fastening and crowning function equipped with world-class mechanical crowing system is controlled by manual operation.


4)      Stabilizes left and right balance with the help of the Torsion Bar.


5)      A set of standard tools is provided with each machine.